Friday, August 3, 2012

(iii) SENSES project reference group

Lynn Riddell, Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning) is the sponsor of the SENSES project. I will be working closely with Lynn to ensure that the project achieves the intended outcomes.

We asked: who else will we need to engage to ensure the outcomes of the project are of high quality?
  • Engage the Course leaders and teaching and learning leadership through the School Teaching and Learning Committee to developed a shared vision for embedding digital literacies in the curriculum
  • Ensure the alignment of the project goals with the School goals and culture by presenting the project plan and ongoing progress to the School Board and Senior Executive Group for feedback and input
  • To harness external expertise in Digital Literacies, consult with Kris Paterson, Sharee Crocker and Fiona Russell from the Deakin University Library.
  • To harness external expertise in Professional Development, consult with Angela Nicolettou from Swinburne University
  • Consult students, teaching colleagues and employers on the draft Digital Literacies Framework 
  • Build trust, capacity and competence by engaging individual academics in their journey with digital literacies

The SENSES Project Reference Group therefore consists of:
  • The School TL committee and School Board members, with whole of School consultation when required
  • Kris Paterson, Sharee Crocker and Fiona Russell from the Deakin University Library
  • James Janssen, Casual academic and student, SENS (from overseas, via the cloud!)
  • Angela Nicolettou, Program Coordinator, Grad Cert Learning & Teaching, Swinburne University
  • Emma Stirling, Post-grad Nutrition Advisory Board member, Accredited Dietician and blogger
  • Daryl Clemson, Exercise Science Advisory Board member, Area Manager, Active Moreland, YMCA

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