Friday, August 3, 2012

(2) Modules and badges

In this program there are four modules covering 10 key Digital Literacies:

MODULE 1: Digital Identity
Week 1. Create your digital presence
Week 2. Grow your Personal Learning Network

MODULE 2: Digital productivity and security 
Week 3. Go mobile
Week 4. Maintain digital security
Week 5. Manage digital/cloud storage
MODULE 3: Digital curation
Week 6. Digital curation (basic)
Week 7. Digital curation (advanced)

MODULE 4: Digital engagement and creativity
Week  8.          Facilitate active learning (student engagement)
Weeks 9-10.   Facilitate active learning (students creating)
Weeks 11-12. Contribute, write and create online (self and students)


Each weeks' activities will be emailed to you and posted on this blog. Once you have achieved the tasks, you will earn that week's badge. Templates and badges will be distributed to everyone - please put them up on their office doors so we can visualise the School's learning and achievements, and look out for those who are missing a badge :-)

Digital badges 1 - 5

Digital badges 6 - 10

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