Friday, August 10, 2012

(5) Week 1: Friday flick - Salman Khan

Each Friday I will be posting an interesting video about social media and digital literacies for your interest!
Please feel free to send any suggestions for videos to share.

Here is a TED talk by Salman Khan on Flipping the classroom that may be of interest.
Watch the video, read this critique of the Khan academy, and this critique of Flipping the Classroom, and post your comments below.

Click the Play arrow on the bottom left, then the Toggle Full Screen button on the top right of the video window if you wish (Esc to revert to small screen).


  1. I love TED! However- I still think that the real person is better so that a human connection can continue between students (and teacher). I see the value of 'TED like clips' as useful for reinforcement, motivation etc...

  2. Thanks for your post Helen, terrific to see!
    Yes good point, so how would you use an open educational resource such as a TED talk do you think?

  3. Hi Susie,

    Excellent video - I thought the notion of using technology to drill down to the specific area the student was 'stuck on' was really persuasive.


    1. I agree. I can already see how this approach might work at the beginning of one of my Units with some concepts that students really seem to get hung up on just to submit a report. They get it right in the end, but they learn nothing along the way.
      I can imagine leaving them to it, keeping track of how they are doing, and having them use peer support to work through points where they get stuck. This seems a much better approach than listening to me.
      I seem to recall though, that this is not a new concept, but rather something many of us have been trying to implement (some better than others), to empower students to take control of their learning, at their own pace, using relevant resources rather than traditional (mundane?) lectures.

  4. Interesting. I use this kind of thing all the time with my kids at home (even the example used: Khan Academy!). Now with one of my daughters working totally off iPads at school, these kids of resources are fantastic.

    Also having recently completed a grad dip in education, this is where we all know teaching is heading, because resources are being reduced, teachers time is being soaked up with other curricular activities parents expect from the school, and children need different and engaging teaching methodologies.