Friday, August 3, 2012

(1) Assembling your digital toolkit

Assembling your digital toolkit

Project description:

Starting today, Monday August 6, all SENS staff are together undertaking a 12 week project in developing digital literacy. Each week we will completing a task to develop a skill, explore an idea or master a set of tools. Each Monday I will email the link to that week's activities.

What the benefits?
1. Assemble your digital toolkit: 
These activities and conversations will equip us with the tools we need to teach, research and engage students using online tools to communicate, create and collaborate in the classroom and in the cloud.

2. Grow your personal Learning Network: 
One of the key ideas underpinning the SENSES project is that digital tools help us connect to our own personalised set of experts, conversation partners and 'digital curators' willing to engage, learn and share their expertise and resources.

3. Badges:
Yes, there are badges to earn!

What will I be doing?
You will be participating each week in activities that will build your digital literacy - irrespective of your starting point! And don't worry - for those who have already some experience in a particular application, technology or concept, there will be an additional challenge provided!

How long will it take?
The activities are intended to take 30 - 60 mins over the week. The project has been initiated because SENS is committed to the development of staff digital literacies and recognises that this time is a worthwhile investment for all of us to make. Maintaining your digital presence, networks and skills is a vital task in the 21st century workplace.

And if I need help?
Ask me - I will be walking around seeing how everyone is going with each week's tasks. You can also book in at time to see me on my Outlook calendar (I have shared it to all staff) or by calling me to arrange a time.

However, the model of 'one expert who knows everything' is so 20th Century! Knowledge is now distributed and changes quickly, and we are part of a community of learners. So, for each activity, I will identify folk in the School that you can talk to who are using the tool or approach we are learning. And, if you have already earned your badge that week, and you see on someone's badge chart that they haven't completed that week's activity, you may wish to check if they need a hand.

What if it's all too easy or I have done it before?
We will be including a challenging task or set of tasks in the second part of each week - this is called LEVEL UP! You may also wish to contact me to discuss a way you can extend your skills in a way that suits you.


You are all very welcome to post your contributions in the Comments area below. Commenting on, sharing, adding to, appreciating and challenging blog posts is also a 21st Century skill! You will need to register using a Google account or OpenID account (this prevents spam).

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