Thursday, October 18, 2012

(24) Friday flicks: Two Dans

Dan 1: Firstly, a home grown treat (note: do not adjust your sound!)

"Webcam videos: First attempt (Director's Cut)" -  by Dan Dwyer.

Dan 2:  Dan Pink outlines research supporting Self Determination Theory: the finding that Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose increase performance, while the promise of rewards reduce it.

"The surprising science of what motivates us"  Dan Pink, author of Drive.

So, any thoughts about the ideas here?
What do you think about how we currently 'reward' students?
Would it be useful to explore how we can more effectively harness the intrinsic motivators Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose?


  1. Hi folks,
    Once again- just wrote a lengthy comment only to lose it in the loop of my merry dance with google account below - how does learning go, one step forward, two back!
    Autonomy, mastery and purpose - very interesting. PUrpose I think is two fold, us helping to strengthen the link between what we are asking the student's to do with the learning material and why ie authentic assessment. To me it is also about knowing and working with the 'why' students came to take this course in the first place, that is, tap into their existing sense of purpose.
    Autonomy and mastery - do we create assessment tasks where students self-select a topic of investigation within the unit, 'submit' drafts for assessment and feedback? Be interested to read thoughts from others.
    Dan - the sausages should be as lean as possible, low in sodium and part of a meal rich in whole grains and vegetables!

  2. Lynn - thanks for the sausage advice. :-)

    I'd be interested to hear from colleagues about whether the "higher purpose" characteristic is possible to incorporate into higher education, to the level that it can be in industry. I don't think we currently provide the opportunity for undergraduates to contribute to a product or service that is "for the greater good" of the wider community. Not in a tangible way and not in the short term.

    Could we contemplate linking learning via project work with practicum placements, where students are given a problem to solve by industry and they have a chance to implement the solution?