Friday, September 14, 2012

(16) Week 6 Friday flicks: curation

Two quick flicks this week...

(1) What is curation?

This week we are learning the exciting digital skill of curation. In this brief video we hear from some experienced curators about why curation is important, and what makes a good curator. 

You can make the video full screen with the button on the bottom right.



(2) Professor Alec Couros: the connected teacher and making learning visible.

Here is a video of a 12 minute talk by Dr Alec Couros, a professor of educational technology and media at the University of Regina in Canada. Alec came to Deakin last month and attended our Personal Learning Environments conference organised by Joyce Seitzinger in the Faculty of Health. You can follow Alec on Twitter @courosa

Here Alec is interviewed by author, professor and internet pioneer Howard Rheingold. Alec describes the Learning Project he undertook with his students, where students connect and form networks, then make visible, share and document their learning. 

He asks his students to consider:
- "how are you making your learning visible?" and 
- "how are you contributing to the learning of others?"

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  1. I loved both those films, thanks Susie!
    Maria P of BrainPickings has been on my watch list for about a year now, but it was great to hear her view about curating older material, and that newest is not always the best. That sits really well with my observations of her posts. Maria curates great material, and contextualises WHY it's of interest and value. I've found my reading and reading about reading (meta-reading?) has expanded under her guidance.
    and the interview w Alec is a good summary of his views about learning. I'll share that one on too.